Ball’s in Your Court

It’s January so of course I’m going to write about getting back on the health wagon as so many will be looking to get back aboard. Plenty of us would’ve fallen off it over Christmas – my fall was a particularly beautiful one. And while there may be an extra ounce or five on the scales, not one of those is of regret. Word on the street is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying yourself – Don’t Be A Christmas Turkey will tell you why. January though, is a good a time as any to either start or continue your health journey.


In December I was contacted by Bounce Foods who offered to send me some of their products and a few accessories to kick-start a healthy 2017. I regularly buy Bounce Energy Balls when out and about, so of course I duly obliged.

Having worked in an office environment for 10 years now (you don’t realise how old I feel when writing that. 10 bloody years?!), I run a daily junk food gauntlet. Cupcakes, muffins, chocolate, pastries and biscuits line the battlefield, primed to attack roaming fingers at any given time.

Eating the right things all the time isn’t always easy, but the truth is it’s not that hard


The biggest challenge for most people is snacking. From my experience there’s still confusion about what to eat, what snacks are healthy, and if Fruit Pastilles count as your five a day. While snacking isn’t essential, most of us do it. My advice is to always look for a snack containing protein – it’s protein that keeps you full after all. I’ve found people often misunderstand the benefits of protein.


Yes, it can make you fart.

The Bounce Energy Balls contain around 9g protein, so depending on your protein requirements (everyone is different) it’ll tick a lot of boxes. They’re also a good source of fibre, are gluten free for those who need it, and will satisfy your sweet tooth. My tipple is Coconut Macadamia, if you’re asking.

For anyone who’s a serial grazer (guilty) the Protein Energy Bites will be right up your alley. IF you can’t stop yourself (again, guilty) a 90g bag of these will deliver around 20g protein and 380 calories which for someone who is exercising regularly, isn’t too bad at all. Best in show – Cacao Orange flavour.

My advice for some healthy office snacking all year round (not just January):

  • Plan ahead and take your snacks to work with you to stop your fingers wandering.
  • Enjoy what you’re eating – eating well doesn’t mean eating boring.
  • Protein hunt if you’re snack-less. Head for something with a decent protein hit.
  • Stay disciplined!  It’s not that hard to say no to junk food.

Big thanks to Bounce for sending my those goodies! Make sure you have a look at the Bounce website, and getting following on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.