Starting Out

Oxford Fitness

So this is it.

Today is the day youโ€™re going to change your life forever.

Youโ€™ve downloaded your workout plan, got all the gear (clothes, not โ€˜roids, not just yet) and decide to hit the gym.

You get to the gym. First thingโ€™s first, you check yourself in on Facebook, so all your buddies and pals know you mean business. โ€œAt the gym, gettinโ€™ pumped.โ€ Zero likes. Thatโ€™s annoying. Well, youโ€™ve only just put it on. Maybe just a quick refresh to see ifโ€ฆstill zero.


Ok so youโ€™re all checked-in. Time for a quick static stretch and a 5 minute run on the treadmill. Nothing like a jog to warm up before doing those bicep curls. Better have another look to see if youโ€™ve got any likes on Facebook yetโ€ฆYes!! One like! Oh, thanks mum. With your ego still mildly intact, you look at your workout plan and wonder toโ€ฆ

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