Now What?

When WordPress emailed me with a reminder that was due to expire, I had a decision to make, and not an easy one. Since that email, I’d been considering taking a step away from the blog, and my social media channels. And by step away, I mean packing it all in.

You’ve probably noticed that all my accounts and the blog have been a lot quieter, especially recently. I mean this is the first blog post I have published since September, and even that was a guest post that I didn’t write! How lazy is that?


So what’s that all about? I’ve not felt as though I’ve had the time or energy to commit to posting regular content. I’ve also been finding it harder to find things that I actually want to write about. The novelty of getting a freebie and to write about it wears thin really quickly, and there was only a handful of things this year that I felt strongly enough to write about. If I wore a hat, I’d take it off to people who also work full time jobs, have busy lives, and manage to still put out quality content. It’s harder than you might think and it often feels like you’re working two jobs.

2017 has been a crazy year for me. I mean, it’s all been good-crazy, but crazy nonetheless. I seem to have ticked off a substantial chunk of major life events in the space of 12 short months. From getting married, to getting a new job (with more overseas travel – that’s a big thing), being a best-man, and buying a house…it’s been bloody exhausting. I’m not someone who generally gets stressed or run-down by things, but the sheer volume of it all certainly took it’s toll.



While 2017 has been shattering, I realised that I don’t have to do any of those things in 2018…

I’m married and eternally grateful I found someone who is amazing, is as weird as me and that tolerates me!

I’ve got a job and as long as I don’t screw up, that shouldn’t change.

I’ve bought a house – I say “I’ve” but that should definitely be “we’ve”.

I’ve been a best man (this probably stressed me out the most), but seeing as I’ve got more jars of peanut butter than I have close friends I’m not concerned about that happening again any time soon.


For me it’s all about routine and balance. We’ve literally only been in our new home (and new town) for two weeks so by no means settled in. There’s a gym down the road which we’ll be joining, and usually I find that when I train more, I write more.

I’m going to be working at home more often too, meaning that although I’ll still be up at 5.30am everyday, I won’t be commuting in. Yes there’ll still be overseas travel but I’ll just have to manage that, as I have done for the last six years. I’ve ordered a cool desk for the home office aka the box room, now I just need a chair that won’t hurt my back or give me haemorrhoids.


Another thing I’m hoping will give me a much needed kick up the butt is that I’m studying a sports nutrition qualification using Phil Learney’s ACA course, so that’ll inspire me to learn and also to put out content. I’ve actually been signed up for four months but I’ve not committed as much time to it as I should have.

So that’s the plan, and hopefully you’ll join me on the ride. Here’s to a decent 2018. Cheers!


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