🥞 Protein POWcakes 🥞 

It’s Pancake Day! Why anybody waits a whole year between having pancakes is something my pea-sized brain will never be able to comprehend. Protein pancakes are a weekly occurrence for me.


Anyone who’s spent more than 90 seconds on my blog or social media channels knows I’m a big fan (and ambassador) of Protein Pow – the whey cooking mix makes the BEST pancakes aka POWcakes. The mixes are really easy to use and take both the stress and rubbery-ness out of protein cooking. An awesome way to find out how to use cooking mixes is to head to one of their cooking workshops.

One of the things you’ll learn at the workshops is how to make protein fluff – a fruity, heavenly, fluffy, protein-y bowl of goodness that’s great on its own but is BFF’s with protein pancakes…sorry, POWcakes.


Protein Fluff:

500g Frozen Blueberries

30g Whey Protein – Unflavoured or Vanilla (I used this)

5-10ml Almond Milk

Make the fluff first, then you can whack it in the fridge while you sort the pancakes. Partly to keep it cold but mostly so that you don’t eat it while the pancakes are cooking.

Add the frozen blueberries, protein powder, and 5ml almond milk into a food processor and blend. You can add a splash more milk if you need to but start with a small amount.

Every now and then you might want to stop the blender and do a bit of scraping off the sides.

Blend for about 5 minutes until you’ve got meringue-escque soft peaks – it shouldn’t move when you turn the bowl upside down. If you’re feeling confident, hold it above your head.

POWCake Ingredients:

30g Protein Pow Whey Cooking Mix

1 Ripe Banana

2 Egg Whites or 4 Whole Eggs

1tsp Coconut Oil

Add the coconut oil to a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat.

Blend or whisk all the other ingredients together until you have a smooth batter.

Add the batter to the pan – as many as you can fit in!

Flip them over once bubbles start to appear.

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