When I Tried…Get The Label

Here we go again with a cheeky bit of When I Tried, the review series that gets right into the mixer. This is post number four in the series so don’t forget to check out the others:

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ccbfe7c8-c15d-4c70-9e51-c3b1abd32292-7010-00000713b026087d_tmpUs bloggers get emailed by plenty of brands asking to send us stuff for review, or asking to feature them. The easy thing to do would be to accept everything, but that’s not for me. My approach to these emails is simple – if I already use the brand/product/service, or it’s something I would spend my hard earned money on, then it makes the grade.

Last week I was contacted by Get The Label, a subsidiary of JD Sports. They sell sportswear and fashion at up to a 75% discount – I spotted a few decent deals on there like this Nike training top. I’d never visited the site before, but I’m a regular at JD Sports and anyone who’s a friend of theirs is a friend of mine.

They offered to send me a goodie bag to get the When I Tried treatment – asking for honest feedback. This made for a refreshing change as many brands will only offer to send you something in return for a positive review. That’s something I’ve never really understood, and is a quicker way for bloggers and brands to lose credibility than appearing on I’m A Celeb.

Under Armour Tri-Blend Hoodie

fullsizerenderI was allowed to take my pick from the site and was tempted by some new trainers, but seeing as I’m not much of a runner (my withered knees can’t hack it) I didn’t think I’d be able to do them justice. I opted for this Under Armour hoodie as I’m a big fan of the brand.

At first I wasn’t too keen on the fit – it was fine for the most part but felt it was too long and bordering on a sporty, summer frock – which isn’t the look I tend to go for. My mind was changed when I wore it for what it was designed for in the first place…training. It was lightweight and breathable when I was in the gym, and fitted well without restricting movement. It was nice to be wearing a hoodie that doesn’t contribute to serious sweating. Not only was it comfortable, it was also a marked improvement on my usual gym attire of a cheap Primark tee with some football shorts – think school PE kit and you’re there, though I draw the line atΒ training in vest and pants if I forget my kit.

Deep Heat Muscle Roll-On

fullsizerenderAt times I’m basically a walking injury so I’ve always got hot and cold treatments dotted around the flat. I’ve used Deep Heat for years – weirdly I used to rub it on the neck of my football shirt before a match, don’t ask me why. I like the fact that the roll doesn’t smell as strong as regular Deep Heat which can sting the nostril worse than Sex Panther. Don’t get that reference? Click here. But the best thing about the roll-on is that you apply it straight to the affected area rather than getting it on your hands. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgotten they had Deep Heat on their hands and went for a wee.

Clif Bar

fullsizerender1I’ve seen these dotted around supermarkets and health food stores, but never picked one up. I was sent the white chocolate and macadamia flavour which, as Roy Walker would say, “good but not right”. The texture and flavour were both okay, but I can’t be any kinder than that. Each bar has 253 calories, 9g protein and whopping 20g sugar – so I’d opt for a Trek Cocoa Coconut protein flapjack which comes in at a similar calorie, lower sugar mark and tastes better.

Maybe a year ago I would’ve said this bar was better, but Grenade Carb Killas have raised the bar (see what I did there?) and my small-minded brain struggles to see past them in the flavour stakes.

Thanks again to Get The Label for getting in touch, upgrading my gym wear, and for making fire willy a thing of the past.


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