When I Tried…Warrior Rage

Welcome to part two of When I Tried, the series that shares with you my experience of a product. Want to hear about when I nearly crapped myself? Then read part one in the series.

Next on the list is another pre-workout supplement, Warrior Rage. Gather round children and let me tell thee a tale of itches, scratches, and rashes.


The main reason I bought Warrior Rage was it’s aggressive name. Yes, I’m sold to that easily. I’d read plenty of good reviews on it too.

People are sensitive to certain things. For some it’s gluten, or dairy. For others, it’s comments about their terrible haircut. And for me? It’s niacin. Niacin is a form of vitamin B3 which can be found in a number of foods such as meat, fish, and eggs. It’s also found (in much higher volumes) in pre-workout supplements. Warrior Rage must be laced with the stuff.


Often I would train after work, so would drink a pre-workout supplement at my desk. I remember having it at my desk around 20 minutes before I was due to finish. After about 15 minutes, I start feeling a bit itchy – nothing massively unusual, it’s the beta alanine tingles which is pretty normal…though you know you’ve had your fair share of supplements when getting tingly and itchy is normal.


Just to confirm, this isn’t actually me.

Next up was blotchy skin, then I became roasting hot, and my eyes were blood shot and watering. This is not a good look.

Desperate to get the F outta dodge, I starting shutting everything down and getting ready to leave. I knew that wasn’t a great sign so I headed for the toilets to assess the situation. By the time I was in there, felt like my face had swollen up and I couldn’t move my mouth. I splashed my face with cold water and went outside for fresh air. About 20 minutes later at the side effects had subsided. By this time, I was more focused on trying to stay alive / out of hospital than I was about working out.

Believe it or not, I did try Rage again, because I’m idiotic. The sensible thing to do would have been to have just got rid of the stuff, but I wanted to see if it was a one off.Β  It wasn’t.

I may be hypersensitive to niacin, or I could’ve got a dodgy batch. Either way I’d be more inclined to repeatedly poke myself in the eye than to buy it again.


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