When I Tried…BSN N.O-Xplode

Welcome to the first instalment of my When I Tried series. Any man, woman or child can write a positive review of a product they’ve been sent for free, and when I started out blogging, it’s something I did a few times as it can be a good way to build a following. That’s not for me though. This series isn’t going to be about singing the praises of, or slating a product or brand – it’s just going to be me sharing my personal experiences of the product.

The first few posts are going to look at pre-workout supplements. I’ve tried my fair share; in fact I’ve tried everyone’s share. In the past there have been times where I’ve not been able to train without them because they have shattered my adrenal glands. And there’s been times a maximum dosage has done nothing for me whatsoever. Thankfully I weaned myself off them and don’t use them at all anymore.


Let’s start with an absolute classic of a supplement – N.O-Xplode from BSN.

It’s been around for longer than I can remember and is still doing the rounds. It was actually the first pre-workout I tried, oooh sweet momma did it pack a punch. The first few times I had it, I was absolutely wired and was hammering through my workouts like the big man on campus.

It didn’t take long for what was, quite literally, a downward spiral which was predominantly brown in colour. My magic juice had magically become an overpriced laxative. Numerous photo “photo-finishes” and frantic scurries to the toilet cubicles only heightened my determination to not soil myself in public, again (not again, that was a joke, honest! Please don’t think I’ve pooped myself in public after the age of 2). Thankfully I didn’t expend all my energy in those cubicles (minimum effort was required to be honest) so I did still have great workouts!

The turbo-lax effect eventually wore off, and miraculously it didn’t deter me from using it.


On another occasion, when I was better versed in the use of it, I took 3 heaped scoops – the recommendation was 2 scoops, so obviously a YOLO moment. I turned up to the gym and went to meet my training partner. I thought things were perfectly normal…he thought I was drunk. Why couldn’t I speak properly? Why was I slurring like I’d downed a bottle of vodka and headed for the squat rack? And, more importantly, where’s the nearest kebab shop?! I don’t remember what that training session was like though, but that’s probably, and hopefully, because it was 6 years ago.

Since those golden (and brown) years, I’ve used N.O-Xplode a couple of times, but no more than that. If I was to judge it on the purpose for which it’s created, I’d say it’s a decent pre- workout supplement as from experience it definitely helped with energy and focus. The side effects far outweigh this for me though. I know the formula has been changed a few times over the years, so it might not be quite as potent (in all ways) as it once used to be, but it’s not one I’d spend £25 on in a hurry.


4 thoughts on “When I Tried…BSN N.O-Xplode

  1. abi0902 says:

    I had a sample pack today whilst out in Thailand coincidently! Didn’t feel any effect 🙄 Maybe I’m caffeine intolerant now! PES high volume and alphamine is my current stack at home!

  2. Burtons Bakes says:

    This definitely caused a few chuckles! Don’t ever use pre workouts either but I actually have a few sample sachets of this lying around..think I’ll be leaving them where they are now!

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