🐮 Got Milk? 🐮


Milk? It could be what you’re missing?

What’s in it that’s so good? Milk is quickly becoming really popular in the training world because it contains all the essential things you need to help you recover; full of protein, carbohydrate and (depending on which one you get) fat too.

How does that benefit us?

With its combo attack of all the major nutrients we need protein with all the essential amino acids and carbohydrate in the form of lactose. These two things combined help with muscle growth and recovery, reducing muscle aches you get the next day after a hard workout, aiding in re-hydration and helping to restore carbohydrate stores.

This all in all means you can recovery quicker, so you can train harder, sooner!


Choosing a flavoured milk option with the added sugar will further speed up recovery, due to the added carbohydrate content with faster stored carbohydrate replenishment and aiding in muscle synthesis.

What I find so great about milk is that post training it’s been found to re-hydrate you more efficiently than water, so not only are you speeding your recovery up but hydrating more effectively too!

How much should we be consuming/how often?

I would recommend having between 250ml-500ml post training to get the most out of all those benefits mentioned, though it’s always important to take into consideration your total daily intake and the intensity of the ride.

It’s worth noting that whole milk will obviously contain a lot more calories and that although these will be predominantly from fat, which isn’t a bad thing, but in this context it could potentially slow down digestion which is important if you really need to recover quickly and may not be the best way to spend your calories.

How can we incorporate it into our diet?

A great way to incorporate this into your diet is by making this awesome post workout shake, full of protein, carbs and micro-nutrients. You can’t go wrong!



250-500ml skimmed milk (can be flavoured… Ooo chocolate milk!)

25g whey protein

1-2 frozen bananas


DONE – the less milk you use the thicker this will be.

BOOM thick, creamy banana milkshake aiding you in all your recovery needs!

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