🔥 Fat Burners 🔥

I’ll happily admit that I’ve used fat burners in the past, and I lost weight while taking them. I remember using them for around 8 weeks and was amazed when I noticed the pork-pie jelly from around my gut start to disappear. Magic beans, I thought. Magic bloody beans. The truth is, said beans really weren’t magical at all. The ingredients of the not-so-magic beans (usually a concoction of green tea, caffeine, and L-Tyrosine) in fact played little part in me losing my cinnamon stomach rolls.

What actually happened was that I was looking at ways to lose weight and at the time, supplementation was top of my list – don’t judge me. It’s an easy mistake to make. The amount of marketing that goes into fat burners made it seem like a no-brainer.


Groin-grabbing claims

But as I was taking them, I was of course doing more cardio, and eating less. Obviously the weight was bound to tumble off. My approach was supplementation > exercise > diet/lifestyle. Now that I’m older, wiser, and as equally as handsome and modest, I would do it the other way around (that’s what she said).


That’s what she said

Anyway, what I’m saying is that if you’re considering buying a far burner, the chances are that you’re unhappy with how you look, how you feel, or your current level of body fat. The acknowledgement of one or all of these is a GOOD thing and it’s the first step of the journey.

Improving diet and training often goes hand-in-hand with buying a fat burner. Many people will see good initial results when taking a them, but only a tiny percentage of those results will be due to the supplement; the rest will be down to the new approach to diet and training.

The flip side to all of this though is that fat burners are actually garbage. Real trash – like like the gloopy stuff that accumulates at the bottom of rotting vegetables and stinks out the bin.

The trouble is that they are marketed in such a way that people (IE Joe Public) can often buy them and expect to see the fat shedding begin without having to do anything other than taking the pills. Magic bloody beans. This of course, is not a good thing.

Step 2 of the non-fat-burner-taking-journey is taking action. Taking a step back and looking at your sleep, recovery, diet and lifestyle is a good start – and making sure all of them are where they need to be.

Then, if you’re serious about change, you should consider investing in your health (rather than supplements) and seek help from a personal trainer or industry expert.

t’s easy to throw money at supplements like a high-roller, and in my experience many people opt to do that than invest in themselves and get educated by a qualified professional.

There is no magic formula, and there is no overnight quick-fix despite what many diet plans, and products may promise. But quick fixes don’t work in the long term anyway. It’s like trying to fix a broken iPhone screen. Yeah, you can look on the internet and find something that’ll get it working, but soon after you’ll be back to square one and using your old Nokia 3310.


What I’m NOT saying in this post is go out and buy fat burners.

I’m saying the exact opposite (I mean you CAN go out, but just DON’T buy fat burners). The supplements themselves are a waste of money, and as you would’ve seen in the press can be dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands.

So invest time and money if needed in looking at your diet, lifestyle, and training. Play the long game, and develop a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship with food and exercise.

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