🍦 Protein Ice Cream 🍦 

Summer is here! This of course means rain, storms, and constant discussion about the weather to fill awkward silences.

However, us plucky Brits don’t like to be beaten by the weather. Weeks of rain isn’t enough to keep us indoors, and we’ll happily head out, and embrace the glory of British summertime…including eating ice cream at any time of the day.


The perfect day for ice cream

I was recently sent some Dynamic Whey Protein from USN and I thought rather than just do a standard review, I’d put it to use in one of my favourite protein treats – protein ice cream! The Dynamic Whey is part of the new USN Essentials range, which makes supplement staples more affordable to the masses – a 1kg bag will set you back Β£15.99. There’s cheaper stuff out there, of course there is, but more often than not, you get what you pay for.

So, the ice cream for those rainy days. Well, it’s really quick, really easy, really nutritious, and really tasty. That enough “really’s” for you? No? REALLY?? Ok I’ll stop.


This weekend I made two different flavours – mixed berry, and banana. The basics of the recipe are pretty, well, basic. All you have to do is add frozen fruit, whey protein, milk (either coconut, almond, or regular), and any other ingredients into a food processor, then go to town with the toppings. Easy, right? A solid post-workout treat.




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