🍪 Protein Cookie Dough 🍪

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be working on the Protein Pow stand at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show at the ExCEL in London. I had an absolute blast working with the rest of Team POW – Anna, Daniel, Rachel, Will, and Chris.

Along with making hundreds and hundreds of samples, we ran 12 master-classes across the weekend. Over 250 people came along to use the Protein Pow Cooking Mixes and to have a play with food to come up with their own recipes for protein bars and protein balls.

In case you’re not familiar with the mixes, you can find them here. There’s two mixes – one whey protein and one pea protein (vegan friendly). Both mixes are free from gluten, soy, sugar, artificial flavours, and artificial sweeteners. They’re also both high in fibreoh and really easy to use!

If you’re an avid reader of my blog (which you are, of course) then you’ll know how much I love the mixes. I also imagine you would’ve already checked out my homemade protein chocolates recipe too.


At the event, I came up with a CRAZY good protein cookie dough recipe. I knew it was a success when someone came up to me and asked for the Ben and Jerry’s recipe. I felt like Mary Berry. I was sharing the recipe throughout the master-classes, but feel it’s only right to share it with the world…



3 tablespoons Protein Pow Whey Cooking Mix

2 tablespoons cashew butter (I used this from Meridian)

1 tablespoon agave syrup (I used this from Meridian)

1 tablespoon chopped dates

1 tablespoon cocoa nibs

A splash of almond milk (I used this from Rude Health)

1 positive attitude



Combine the Whey Cooking Mix, cashew butter, dates, cacao nibs, and almond milk in a bowl – initially with a spoon, then get your hands in there (use food prep gloves if needed).

Work the mixture until you get a play-dough consistency that doesn’t stick to your hands and doesn’t crumble when you roll it.

Tip: If it’s sticky, add more of the Whey Cooking Mix. If it’s dry and crumbly, add some more almond milk.

Break a bit off and try it. Add as much or as little of the agave syrup as you want.

Again with your paws, work the agave into the mixture.

Test it again. Add more agave it you want it sweeter.

Break off small chunks of your dough, and roll it into balls, or any other shape you want.

EAT IMMEDIATELY…or keep in the fridge for a few days…but really you should EAT IMMEDIATELY.


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