Snack to the Future

If you’re into health and fitness (which you probably are seeing as you’re here), you only have to spend a few minutes on social media to see that there’s no shortage of protein-packed foods for you to spend your hard earned (or dirty) money on. It takes less time to see photos of guys in stringers with their nips popping out, but, for once, I’m here to focus on protein and not nips.

I’ve been a customer of BodyBuilding Warehouse for years now, and have fond memories of buying my whey protein in 4kg tubs / buckets when I first started out at the gym. I’m going to be taking a look at two products on offer from them – Premium Protein Cookies (chocolate caramel flavour), and Protein TastiesΒ (chocolate chip flavour).


Let’s start with the cookies. It’s fair to say they’re packing more heat than Tango and Cash. Each 75g cookie contains 326 calories, but do you know what? I like that. If you’re going to eat a Β cookie, you may as well eat one which has a whopping 37.5g protein and 20.7g of carbs. Tango and Cash look like a couple of clowns compared to these. It’s probably also worth pointing out that If your focus is fat loss, then you should keep your hands out the cookie jar…

The texture of the cookies was the same as other brands I’ve tried. They’re soft and chewy – but don’t worry, there’s no danger of jaw-ache. I had the chocolate caramel flavour, which I quite enjoyed. I thought they had a slight saltiness to them, and we all know what a good partnership salt and caramel make – I was going to reference Tango and Cash again but thought better of it. A box of 12 of these will set you back Β£14.95.


On to the tasties. These are a smaller in size, but still pack a better punch than your drunk uncle at a wedding. They come in at 106 calories, 7.3g protein and 13.9g carbs per 30g serving. My advice is to keep the tub of these safely tucked out of reach, as it’s pretty easy to chow down on one after the other.


These badboys are essentially Rice Krispies cakes. Really enjoyed the chocolate chip flavour, and the chewy texture. You can pick these up individually for 79p, a tub of 30 for Β£16.99, or, if you’re feeling brave, a tub of 100 for Β£39.99.


Overall, I enjoyed both of these. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d hand it to the tasties, with the cookies not too far behind. I thought a good field test would be to offer them to a few work colleagues. Again the tasties came out on top. There was no measly crumbs left of the cookies so they obviously went down well too.

Big thanks to the team at Bodybuilding Warehouse for sending these through for me to try! Always appreciate the support.

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