Lovechock, Baby Lovechock

Many people often see chocolate as junk food and instantly think it’s not something you can incorporate into a healthy diet. WRONG! I eat chocolate more or less everyday. I’m not talking about binging on a king size Yorkie everyday. Obviously that’s not going to do you much good (although technically I’d be allowed to eat a king size Yorkie everyday as they’re not for girls).

I was able to get my paws on some Lovechock bars, which are hand-crafted using organic, raw cacao, sourced from Ecuador (Sash’s favourite country. Remember Sash?! Feel old now? Good, me too).


Dark chocolate is 100% my bag. The darker, richer, and raw-tastic (definitely a real word), the better.

I know, I know, words like “raw” (and raw-tastic) are thrown around more than innuendos on the Great British Bake Off.

But what exactly is raw chocolate? Prepare yourself for a knowledge-bomb.

In the regular chocolate production process, the cacao beans are roasted and ground at very high temperatures whereby much of the cacao’s beneficial qualities are destroyed. In raw chocolate production, the raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground, many of the beautiful cacao substances remain intact, namely antioxidants.

For all the sugar-phobes – the bars are sweetened only with the unrefined dried nectar of Indonesian coconut palm tree blossom. Lovechock is also dairy, soy and gluten free – so it’s suitable for vegans.

Raw chocolate is packed full of health benefits including improved digestion and circulation. Plus it’s packed full o’ love – or, more accurately, is an aphrodesiac – so stick on some Luther Vandross, eat a Lovechock bar, and see what happens. And they say romance is dead…

Speaking of love (seamless link), the founder of Lovechock, Laura de Nooijers, has bags of passion for the product, and it shines through – each bar contains a little message of sunshine (I made that phrase up, and I’m happy with it) – plus you don’t have to break up a horrible fortune cookie to get to it.



I absolutely loved all the flavours on offer. They all feel indulgent and one or two blocks (you get four squares per bar) is plenty to keep you satisfied…although this little piggy may or may not have eaten entire bars at a time.

If I had to pick a favourite, it’s the cherry and chilli flavour. The chilli kick at the end is nice and strong, but the sweetness of the cherry balances it out. Second place goes to the new pecan and maca flavour. The pecans give it a good crunch and the maca a distinctive flavour, as well as having more nutrients than Jamie Oliver’s pantry.

These bars can definitely be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet and lifestyle. You need to eat yourself happy. Don’t restrict yourself and develop a healthy relationship with food.



  • Pure/Nibs: A full-bodied bar with crunchy pieces of cacao bean
  • Goji/Orange: A refined combination of zesty fruit with cacao
  • Almond/Fig: Sumptuous bar bursting with nuts and sweet fruit
  • Pineapple/Incaberry: Tingling chocolate sensation with exotic fruits and Inca berries
  • Mulberry/Vanilla: An indulgent bar with hints of toffee, vanilla and warm after tones
  • Cherry/Chilli: Extravagant spicy dark chocolate with sweet fruits
  • NEW Pecan/Maca: Dark chocolate with nuts, fruits and fresh sweet tones.


Where to Buy

Lovechock is available from the following stores, with an RRP of £2.69.

2015-11-04 15_33_30-Lovechock Happiness Inside! - to buy

For more info about Lovechock, you can find bags of info on their website and social media channels below:

2015-11-04 15_32_04-Lovechock Happiness Inside! - Home

Disclaimer: As ever, this is not a sponsored post. I was provided the bars by Lovechock – thanks guys – but all opinions are my own.

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