I’m Just a Sexy Boy

When I was younger, I used to bloody love wrestling. I was all about the WWF (now WWE), don’t give me any of that WCW or TNA crap. At the height of my coolness I went to watch it a few times, the highlight being Summerslam ’92 at Wembley Stadium to see Brett Hart vs The British Bulldog.


One of my favourite things about it, and still is, is the theme music. A mixture of heavy metal, hip-hop, and stupidity. There’s a big old slap in the face of nostalgia when I hear some of them, and the thought of the energy they used to create are enough for me to have them on my iPod for the gym.

Here’s my top 5 WWE entrance themes which will amp up your workouts…with a bonus track at the end which is my personal favourite, just not for the gym, maybe a cheeky dance at home.

Degeneration X – Break It Down

Batista – I Walk Alone

Triple H – My Time

Chris Jericho – Break Down the Walls

Mark Henry – Somebody’s Gonna Get It

Shawn Michaels – Sexy Boy

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