Juice Loose About This Hoose

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll probably have noticed a week when I went a bit juice-crazy…in a good way. I’m a massive fan of cramming in as much fruit and veggies into your diet, so I was happier than this dog when Philips sent me one of their Viva Collection juicers to play around with.


Juicing gets a lot of bad press, and I wanted to share (and dispel) 7 common misconceptions about juicing:

Juices are full of sugar and bad for your teeth.

Wrong! Supermarket shelves are full of processed juices which are loaded with sugar. Unless you’re adding 5 cubes of sugar when juicing at home, there’s no need to fret about it!

Juicing is expensive for me to do at home.

Nope! Try picking up seasonal fruit and veg, along with trying your local markets. Shop around and you’ll save a pretty penny.

Juicing is good for a quick fix / rapid weight loss.

Urgh! There is NO QUICK FIX for optimal health. Juicing is a great addition to your diet but going on a “detox” or “juice only” diet will wreak havoc with your metabolism.

Blending is better for you than juicing.

Incorrect! Juicing is a simple way of cramming more fruit and veggies into your diet.

Vegetable juice tastes terrible.

Phooey! If you try and juice a load of sprouts with cauliflower then yes, you’ll have a stinker on your hands, but adding veggies like carrots and beets into juices are a great way to add (nice) flavour.

You lose vital nutrients from fruit and vegetables when you juice.

Nah! The only way this will happen is if you go to put them in the juicer and miss it completely. With the exception of fibre, whole fruits and veg retain their nutritional value with the exception of fibre…but you can fire in some flaxseed and you’re good to go.

Buying a juicer is expensive.

Baloney! You can pick up one for around £40, like the Philips Viva Compact. Not much to pay for your health, right?
Hopefully that’s given you some food (or juice? No, scrap that, it doesn’t work in that phrase) for thought.

Here’s a taster of the recipes which are coming up soon…

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