Basic Overnight Soaked Proats

A cheeky Monday morning reblog from the Delicious Duo!

Proats are an awesome and convenient way to cram in some early morning nutrition…plus you can’t use not having time as an excuse because you can make them while you cook dinner!

Enjoy and get following!

Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve had several requests over the past couple of months to write up my overnight soaked proats recipe for those who like to have breakfast on the go. So of course, I listen to my followers and give them what they want πŸ™‚

I make overnight soaked proats most evenings ready for breakfast at work the next day. Now I have to leave 45 minutes earlier to get to work because of the move, this is the best way for me to make sure I get a great start to the day!

Now, this is a very basic recipe with just fourΒ ingredients. But, it’s a great way to start to day! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Ingredients –

1/2 cup Gluten Free Oats

1 scoop Efectiv Nutrition Whey Protein (whatever flavour you fancy!)

3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

3 tbsp Total Greek Yoghurt

Method –

1. In a bowl, combine…

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