Interview – Adam Foster

It’s interview time again! This time around it’s Adam Foster, the man behind Shreddybrek and Cheap Protein Discount Codes…oh yeah, he also just placed 2nd in the UKBFF Maxxmuscle Championships AND reviews nut butters. Hero much?

1 year nabba transformation

For those who don’t know, please tell us all a bit about yourself:

DAMN! Where to start haha! Well my name is Adam Foster, and I was born 19/7/90, and raised on the mean streets of Hartlepool England… too much info haha? Ok so I’m an “aspiring bodybuilder”, pro wrestling lover, geek, peanut butter addict, fiancé to my gorgeous fiancée, the 2nd youngest of 7 kids (9 in my family including my mam and dad). I have a degree in Business Management, a MSc in Marketing Management, working in digital marketing & marketing consultancy, own a few web properties.

I love working out, fitness, dieting, supplements, so in 2012 I started my Shreddybrek YouTube channel and blog. From this, I created my supplement review & protein discount code site,

This was an off shoot of my YouTube videos, as people seemed to really dig the supplement reviews. Some I receive as free samples, but the majority of things I review are things I’ve bought.

I’m by no means a Walter-White level chemist, however I do read up on ingredients, supplements and effects. The reviews I give are based on my opinions and experiences. The protein snacks and food reviews I do tend to be the most fun.

I’m a big kid at heart. Although I don’t get as much chance to play them as I used to, I love video games. I love comics, cartoons, anime. Oh and I’m a pretty big Pokémon card collector to haha. Not quite the profile you’d match up for a bodybuilder maybe?

In all honestly though, I’m a pretty simple person! Give me food, weights, and fun – and we’re good. We might not be so good if you catch me when I’m hungry, tired, or both 😦

pokemon games

When and how did your fitness journey start?

 Initially, when I was a teenager. I was overweight, not obese, but definitely carrying too much fat. I was never, ever, interested in sports. The closest thing to sports that I liked, and still watch, was pro wrestling. When I was a teenager I decided i wanted to lose some fat, and I began lifting my older brothers weigh set. Bicep curling every night. Push ups, crunches, you know the drill.

When I was 18 however I joined up for my first “proper” gym, and began to learn more about nutrition and training. I actually followed more of a power lifting style of straining back then, 5/3/1, 5×5, and focused on the big 3 lifts. I was also a “4everbulkingbro” and ended up getting pretty fat again (although everyone in the gym and my friends would always say I was huge and muscular haha).

In 2013 I decided to compete in bodybuilding, and here we are now in 2015, getting ready for the UKBFF British Championships and the NABBA UK.



It’s Christmas in less than 6 months(!), any big plans for the rest of  2015?

Well I’ve got 3 more shows this year. The UKBFF British Championship in October. I competed in the UKBFF North show in June and qualified for that (I also placed 2nd in my class). Then I’m competing in the NABBA UK, and the Open Mr & Miss British Isle.

Following that, me and my fiancée will be heading to Florida to raid Walmart of its cereal, and hunt down some awesome protein bars, nut butters and other American goodies I see plastered all over my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook haha.

What do you see as the biggest myths in training and nutrition?

Carbs make you fat. Seriously this is the biggest myth that annoys me. I get people commenting on my full day of eating videos, contest prep videos or on my Facebook posts asking why I’m eating so many carbs.

Also, the whole high reps when cutting thing is a load of BS.

“In fact there are so many myths in training and nutrition”

The biggest myth is that there is “1 right way” or a “secret” to get you the results you want.

There are tons of different training, and dieting methods. What works for me might not work for you. The key is staying consistent and trying something long enough to see if it actually does work for you or not.

I comfortably see my way through 1kg tubs of nut butter in a matter of days. What’s your food-achilles heel?

Oh man it sounds like you’d tick off all 41 of these peanut butter addict signs haha! Without a shadow or a doubt peanut butter, almond butter, any nut butter is my “achilles heel”.

I literally love it so much I started my own nut butter review series “Nut Shot”. I was buying and trying so many different nut butters, then seeing so many people asking on social media about them, I thought why not create some reviews around something I love?

I need my fiancée to hide them away from me otherwise a tub does not last very long at all…. not ideal when in contest prep haha.

We've ALL been here

We’ve ALL been here

Favourite track to work out to?

I’ll be honest I’m not a music guy. I could train in silence if needs be. However when I’m on cardio, I ALWAYS have to watch videos on my phone. YouTube, gaming videos, WWE network, Netflix. I need something to keep me occupied.

Most underrated exercise in the gym?

Hmm I’m not sure. I would say it would be something like a hack squat machine. I always received compliments about my quads when on stage. They’re by far my most developed part. I did squat when I was younger, however I very rarely barbell squat anymore. I make great gains with a hack squat and leg press.

My standard interview closer: The Government have decide that real food is obsolete, and tomorrow brings a Herbalife only diet. Tonight is when you have your final 3 course meal…what’s on the menu?

Oh man, I’m not a big fan of a “3 course meal” – can I have a buffet instead?

Seriously I’d have some chicken and rice in there, seasoned though! Probably some lasagne and pasta bake (with ground beef). I’d HAVE to have some kind of butter cream icing cake in there, along with all the nut butters. Oh and a cherry bakewell for good measure 🙂


HUGE thanks to Adam for this awesome interview. Make sure you check out his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for some priceless content and to follow his amazing journey…and some nut butter porn shots, of course.

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