Product Review: Promixx Vortex

It feels like a bloody long time since I’ve reviewed a product, or actually posted any new content at all. It’s entirely my fault of course, but if you could blame it on someone or something (i.e. the boogie), that’d be great.

So, hands up if you’ve ever done any of these things:protein-shake-carpet-cleaning

– Forgot to close the lid on your shaker

– Put the lid on your shaker wonky without realising

– Treated mixing your shake like a final arm-blast and dropped it

All 3? Me too. One solution to this would be to take more care, but that wouldn’t be much of a blog post. Another solution is to check out the Promixx range.

I’d seen Promixx products doing the rounds on Twitter, and wanted to get my clumsy paws on one.

I’ll be the first to admit that I thought it was all just a bit of a gimmick, but I was actually really impressed with it. Importantly, it mixed a lot better than I thought it would. The shakes I’ve made with it have all been smooth, so no chewing on protein lumps for this guy. In addition to that, I reckon it looks sleek and has more of a premium feel than the usual shakers…or as premium as a plastic shaker can feel.

Is it an essential bit of kit to go in your gym bag? No, BUT it’s a handy gadget to have, avoids changing room messes and let’s be honest, you’ll look cooler than your mates.

Check her out in all her mixxy glory…

You can check out the full range here, and get following on Twitter right here.

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