Interview: Zanna van Dijk

It’s been a little while since I posted an interview. Thankfully most people have enjoyed the recent rambles, recipes and my travel diary when I was away in the UAE. However even I get bored of the sound of my own voice…alright maybe it’s not technically a “voice” on the internet, but you know what I’m getting at – or you just think I’m weird.

Anywayyy, this interview is a little bit different from my past interviews on here, as it’s one for the ladies. I was lucky enough to have a bit of a Q&A with the pretty awesome Zanna van Dijk.

Time for me to shut up, and for you to enjoy:

For anyone that doesn’t know, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course… Helloooo! I am Zanna, I’m 22 and a nutrition consultant and personal trainer. I am also a health and fitness blogger, vlogger and a massive foodie. I make tonnes of recipes which I share on my site and across my social media. Now that I mention social media… I am pretty addicted to that stuff, you’ll find me posting on there a lot! It is also worth mentioning that I am a massive nutrition nerd and love getting down to the nitty gritty science of it all.

How has 2015 been for you so far, and what are the plans for the rest of the year?

2015 has been hectic, I have applied for masters degrees, created my website and blog, completed a PT course, done 3 shoots, moved to London and started a new job! I plan to continue working at Lomax gym until September to gain experience (and earn some moolah) and then head off to Oxford for my masters degree in September. I am also hosting some really awesome events this year which I can’t wait for too!

What would be the top 3 tips you would give to women who want to get into shape / improve body composition but don’t know where to start? 

Number 1 = LIFT. Get a session with a PT and ask them to show you the ropes of resistance training and then experiment. Get stuck in, it’s fun I promise!
Number 2 = Fuel yourself. Make sure you’re getting in enough protein and carbs to train hard… the better you perform, the better your results.
Number 3 = Don’t give a flying monkeys what anyone else in the gym is doing. Just do what you want to do. Train hard and push yourself – who cares what anyone else thinks!

What are the most common health, fitness or nutrition misconception that you’ve noticed?

You know what I am going to say…. it’s the idea that lifting weights makes women bulky. What a load of nonsense. It is so hard to gain muscle mass. It doesn’t make you bulky, it helps you to sculpt your body and build curves in all the right places.

OFFICIAL: This isn't what actually happens when women lift

OFFICIAL: This isn’t what actually happens when women lift

What’s your favourite track to workout to?

Lose Yourself – Eminem… I know its stereotypical but I bloody love it. It makes me feel like a badass when in reality I am just a mainstream common white girl, haha!

We all love a bit of protein snacking and baking. What’s your favourite go-to snack?

My protein truffles – I literally eat them 2-3 times a week. I am addicted. They are so simple and versatile!!

Real life food porn!

Real life food porn!

I can’t stand to even look at mushy peas. They way they slop about just makes me feel all wrong. Obviously, I’m a weirdo, but are there any food phobias you have, or any foods you just can’t touch?

This question made me laugh out loud by the way, haha! The only thing I freak out about is raw tomatoes… eurgh the texture gives me the heebie jeebies!!! 

One of my most popular posts has been I’ve Got 99 Problems and the Gym IS One – do you have any major gym bugbears? 

I am pretty chilled in the gym and not many things annoy me – the only thing is when boys where tops that show their nipples. I mean, when did it become socially acceptable to get your nips out in public?!

Image and nipple taken from

Image and nipple taken from

Food again. If there was a peanut butter eating contest, I’m confident I’d be in with a shout of winning…or at least top 3. What food is your achilles heel?

Cashew butter. Almond butter. Peanut Butter. Hazelnut Butter…. Nut Butter… Oh any Nutella. Basically any spread, pass me a spoon and I will eat the jar.

Time to get political, hypothetical…and diabolical. It’s June 2015 and many are still in shock that the Herbalife Party soared to victory in the recent Election. As of tomorrow, real food has no place and the country are migrating over to dodgy soy-based meal replacement shakes. Yummers! Tonight is your last chance to eat a 3 course meal. What’s on the menu?

This sounds like living hell, however I have contemplated my last meal many times and I have a well thought out answer.
Starter = fried calamari, a huge ass bowl of it.
Main course = a full Sunday roast (chicken) with all the trimmings and proper gravy.
Dessert = salted caramel brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Food porn #2. Disclaimer: Only view after 9pm

Food porn #2. Disclaimer: Only view after 9pm


MASSIVE thanks to Zanna for providing a great mixture of knowledge bombs and banter!

Make sure you get following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as checking out Zanna’s own site.


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