Gym Playlist

Once again the repetitive playlist at the gym has inspired me to to share some of my favourite tracks to work out to. If you didn’t see my last one, check it out here.

The music played at my gym only seems to change every couple of months, and when you use the changing rooms in the morning, the gym at lunch and then the changing rooms again at the end of the day, it feels like you’re being punished. As much as I like Push It by Salt n Pepa, there’s a time and a place, which isn’t when you’re trying set a new deadlift PB.

It’s time to get fired up.

Saliva – I Walk Alone

Linkin Park & Jay-Z – Points of Authority / 99 Problems

Jedi Mind Tricks – On the Eve of War

Eminem ft Obie Trice & DMX – Go To Sleep

DMX – Stop Being Greedy

The Prodigy – Breathe

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