Enjoy the Show

I had planned to keep an up to date and entertaining food and travel diary while I was away. Unfortunately that just didn’t happen.

When I was away in Dubai last year I was left to my own devices, and left to wander freely where I pleased while trying to upset as few people as possible. Cape Town was a different animal.

A lot of my time was based in one office, so very little entertaining stories there, although the team I was with were awesome people. I’m also lucky enough to have family out there too, so I was chaperoned all over the place. While it wouldn’t have made for particularly entertaining reading, it ensured I returned to the UK with an intact wallet and body.

The best I can come up with is this Flipagram slideshow, accompanied by a song I couldn’t stop listening to while I was there. Apologies for the lack of HD action. Blame the Flipagram developers, not me.

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