The Great DOMS Embargo of 2014

As I’ve been using my Recovery Spray a lot lately as I get back into my training, I thought this was worth posting again.

Oxford Fitness

Something’s missing. Gyms across the country are being ransacked as members search frantically, but to no avail. The United Kingdom is in disarray.

Meanwhile, the evil geniuses at Transdermal Towers watch on, cackling in a delusional, unhinged manner as their master-plan comes to fruition.

They have stripped the country of DOMS, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.


After a review of the AWESOME Performance Spray, it’s only fair that I gave the same treatment to Transdermal Technology’s other innovation, Recovery Spray. I was fortunate enough to meet with Ben Coomber at BodyPower last month, and he kindly hooked me up with a bottle. Transdermal application has been research proven to be more effective than oral consumption (as an actress said to a bishop). This post won’t cover why, you can find that info in the link you’ve just read past, as well as my Performance…

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