Don’t Be A Christmas Turkey

So…where the hell has 2014 gone? It’s scary how quickly time flies and even scarier that I still look about 17 despite turning 30 earlier this year. Hopefully you’ve achieved what you set out to do this year, and if you haven’t, then don’t worry about it too much, I’m not here to judge. Santa on the other hand very well might do. Give that tubby funster half an excuse and it’s a lump of coal for you, my friend.

IMG_1247Christmas is most definitely in the air, and offices around the country are littered with budget decorations, employees operating at a level of sub 25%, and many, many tins of chocolate.Β It’s impossible to avoid treats at this time of year, they’re literally thrown in your face on a daily basis (not literally), and midweek drinking seems like the right and proper thing to do.

Recently on social media I’ve seen a few posts and conversations with people are asking for low fat, low carb or clean versions of the Christmas dinner. That’s something that my brain can’t handle. Obviously I’m a massive advocate of a healthy lifestyle but looking to hit your macro targets on Christmas Day makes me want to vomit my gizzards right into the gutter.

imageIt’s the one time of year that really you should let your hair down and just enjoy food, drink and the festivities with your family and friends. One day, or even a few days, of indulgence isn’t going to make you balloon up like a puffer fish on the defensive. You can soon get back on track by going back to basics and sticking to the diet that works for you and your lifestyle. It’s all about moderation, balance, and above all, happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to have chocolate for breakfast, some pastries for a snack and then eat a 3,000 calorie meal, there’s obviously more sensible choices around. But if that’s what you want to do, then just go for it.

This year I’m not asking for much. In fact, I’m not asking you to spend any money on me whatsoever. The best gift of all that you can give me this year, is to simply not log on to My Fitness Pal on Christmas Day.*

All that’s left from me is to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

*Okayyy, you know me too well – maybe that’s the 2nd best gift you could give me. We all know what this old man really wants for Christmas…

Peanut Butter

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