Running Man

Just a quick post for you guys and gals today.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with running again. There’s something addictive about those winter morning runs, and I think I prefer them to running on summer mornings. I know, I’m weird.

I’m certainly no marathon runner. In fact, my patella tendonitis limits me to around 10km before my gammy knee feels like it’s on the cusp of explosion, like Katie Price’s chest.


After burning my mouth on a black coffee, I headed out.

Morning Amersham Hill Run in Amersham, United Kingdom  MapMyRun - Google Chrome_2014-11-22_10-00-02

The steady pace of the 2 miles didn’t feel too bad, it was just THAT HILL!

Rectory Hill - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2014-11-22_10-17-45

Now that’s out the way, it’s breakfast time!

It’s a satisfying feeling on a Saturday morning to have completed some cardio before 8:30am. If you haven’t already…TRY IT!


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