Perception, Aggression, and Spice Girls

Oxford Fitness

I’m a huge believer of using music as a tool in your armoury to push yourself beyond your limits. There’s studies to suggest that music can fool your brain by decreasing the perceived exertion during strenuous activity. I would link to these studies, but I’m not currently listening to music and perceive it to be too much effort right now.

There’s few things worse at the gym than having your iPod on shuffle when you’re in the middle of a set. All of a sudden your motivational song of choice finishes, and a beautiful, sensual ballad by Luther Vandross starts up, rendering you weak, tired and emotionally fragile.

Last week I experienced something far worse…forgetting my iPod.

Normally I can tolerate the substandard music that gets plastered around my gym, but that fateful morning was an exception, and prompted me to write this post. I was treated subjected to some…

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