| The Unhealthy Health Obsession |


Let me begin this post with an apology for the lack of new posts over the last few weeks. I’m not making excuses, but since my last post, I’ve…

– Spent a week on the amazing island of Santorini with my girlfriend

– Turned 30 and celebrated with my loved ones

– Spent a long weekend in Lille, again with the girlfriend. (I’d claim to be the ultimate romancer, but she bought me the trip as a birthday present, so I won’t make such claims)

– Been mega busy with my day job – the one that pays me actual real-life money.

Ok, so reading back they sound like excuses, but it did all really happen….honest!

However it does lead me to the point I want to make. Over the last few months, I’ve seen tons of posts on social media by everyday gym goers and fitness enthusiasts asking for advice on how not to lose their muscle / shape / passport / condition when they’re on holiday. A few people asked me personally, to which I responded with just a few words…

Don’t worry about it!


Great advice huh? Well there’s a bit of logic behind my answer, so hear me out.

If you spend 85-90% of your time eating well, and remaining focused on your goals, then the 10-15% of indulgence isn’t going to kill you. To most people, theΒ idea of a holiday (or a birthday celebration) is to let your hair down and enjoy life’s treats with the ones you love the most. Do you really want to be the person, who is away with their partner or family who are with you to have a great time, that frets over the lunch menu? I know I sure don’t. My opinion is that if you’re not a stage competitor, fitness model or elite athlete, you really don’t need to worry about it too much!

Imagine sitting in a beautiful little taverna with your loved ones, the sun setting over the horizon, and the friendly waiter – who you swear is also your pool maintenance guy – brings over the menus. You have a good look through, and see plenty of options that look truly mouth-watering. Your partner on the other side of the table is trying to look you in the eye, ready to pour out their deepest thoughts, but you don’t notice. Your eyes are locked firmly on your phone, and only one thing is on your mind right now…Why isn’t kalamari on My Fitness Pal?Β Not cool man, not cool.


Now I’m not saying go and binge on garbage at every single opportunity, you can still make reasonable choices if you want to. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, just maybe skip the dessert at breakfast. It’s not going to set you back months and months.

We’re not around forever – that kind of drug won’t be available for years – so when life throws up those special moments, embrace them!

Oh and in case you’re thinking “easy for you to say pal, I bet you’ve done nothing but live off tuna salads”,Β here’s a few snaps of my meals while I’ve been away…plus I only had two tuna salads.

DSC02109 DSC02206 DSC02283 DSC02285 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4photo (3)

3 thoughts on “| The Unhealthy Health Obsession |

    • oxfordfitness says:

      Thanks for the feedback Kurt. Sounds like you’ve got everything in check. In my opinion the worst thing people can do is have a fully restrictive diet, and then punish themselves when they do indulge.

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