| The Great DOMS Embargo of 2014 |

Something’s missing. Gyms across the country are being ransacked as members search frantically, but to no avail. The United Kingdom is in disarray.

Meanwhile, the evil geniuses at Transdermal Towers watch on, cackling in a delusional, unhinged manner as their master-plan comes to fruition.

They have stripped the country of DOMS, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.


After a review of the AWESOME Performance Spray, it’s only fair that I gave the same treatment to Transdermal Technology’s other innovation, Recovery Spray. I was fortunate enough to meet with Ben Coomber at BodyPower last month, and he kindly hooked me up with a bottle. Transdermal application has been research proven to be more effective than oral consumption (as an actress said to a bishop). This post won’t cover why, you can find that info in the link you’ve just read past, as well as my Performance Spray review. Two seamless plugs in one paragraph. I’m getting good at this.

Why Does It Work?

In case you haven’t realised it yet, rest and recovery are key to improving your body composition and are paramount in improving your performance in the gym or on the field. The spray was developed to increase the rate at which muscle tissue can recover from exercise or intensive training, minimising the chances of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS to his mates). It’s the colonel’s not so secret recipe of 3 ingredients that makes the spray so effective: Magnesium, Zinc, and Niacin. The magnesium will help you get that all important sleep too. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get my 8 hours, I spend the day in a bad place.

Any Side Effects?

Some users have experienced redness of the skin after use, however this wasn’t something that I experienced. If it’s happened to you, or you’re concerned about it, here’s Ben to explain why it’s no biggy:


For me, the best use of Recovery Spray is after training the lower body. We all know how bad life can be the day after leg day, and sometimes two days after as well. The number of times I’ve had to walk around the office like I’d skipped potty training as a kid, smiling awkwardly at people as I waddle past, is well into double-figures. I rarely suffer from DOMS after training my upper body. I spend a great deal of time stretching, warming up, foam rolling and using resistance bands which I think help me in that regard. Either that, or I’m training like a total puss puss.


 Admit it, you just sang that.

My trial took place over a weekend, where I trained legs on Saturday, and had a 25 mile bike ride tentatively scheduled for the Sunday. When I train legs, I train heavy, and really mix up the exercises and range of movement. From deadlifts, sumo squats, reverse lunges and the all important squats, this particular leg session had it all, including a lot of groaning, sweating and a touch of sly, casual, flatulence.

Immediately after training, I applied 8 sprays to each leg, predominantly on the hamstrings and quads. After letting it settle, I showered and headed back to the ranch to kick back and relax. By ranch I mean flat. Unfortunately I don’t live in the Texan wilderness.

After a good nights sleep (hard to say if this was due to the spray as I had trained in the morning), I woke up and was able to step out of bed WITHOUT making a noise. Either the spray made me 10 years younger or this stuff actually works. So, feeling fresh as a daisy (after the essential morning coffee), I braved the cycle. 25 sweaty miles later, and after a few sprays, I took the rest of the weekend off. Monday rolled around and again, no DOMS. Mind = blown.

photo 1

This leaves me with only one question:

Why aren’t you using Recovery Spray yet?

It’s a product which will change the way you train and recover. There’s no other product out there, certainly that I know of, that will do the same. So either head down to your local Holland and Barrett and spend ludicrous amounts of money on low dosage, poorly produced magnesium supplements, or get your £18 out and change your life.

Make sure you get following TDT on Twitter and Facebook, and as always I’d recommend you follow Ben for incredible advice. The podcasts aren’t too shabby either.

photo 2

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