| A Touch of Frost(ing) |

By popular demand I thought I’d share with you this ridiculously easy, and tasty dessert idea.

I say “popular demand” like I’ve had thousands of people ask me about it. I’ve not had thousands…more like hundreds…okay tens…alright, alright….four! Four people. I suppose that could be considered popular by someone that had 4 friends. By that logic, that’s 100% of their friends.


Note – I have more than 4 friends. We’re talking at least 7.


The idea for this protein-packed treat stemmed from greed, a love of desserts, and a love of of this amazing book from Anna Sward (Protein Pow). If you’ve not checked out her website yet, then it makes me think you’ve probably wasted your life up until this point. The book’s available from Amazon, most good bookshops, and probably some rubbish ones too. The book will change your life, and her new book will change it for the better even more…you just need to wait until 27th June.


Ok, enough jibber-jabber. Onto the good stuff…

Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Frosting

Add the protein to a large mixing bowl and gradually add the coconut milk whilst using an electric whisk.

Keep adding the milk until you get a thick, delicious looking consistency. You’re onto a winner if you can turn a spoonful upside down without it dropping off.

Finally, stir in any optional ingredients.

It makes an ideal topping for protein cupcakes, rice cakes, flapjacks or straight out of the bowl!


Chocolate Coconut Chai Pudding

Use exactly the same method as above, except this time you don’t want the consistency quite as thick. Aim for a thick texture like Greek yoghurt.



Please add any questions or comments to the box below.


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