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Anabolic Drive!

Whole-Body Muscle Pumps!

Insane Vascularity!

Fat Shredding!

Sound familiar? It should do. These are claims I’ve taken from some of the “market leading” pre-workout supplements from well known brands. Sooner or later I’m hoping someone grabs the industry by the cojones and enforces regulations so that companies no longer have free-rein to write whatever they want when marketing their products. That day however, may be several long years away.


Until then, we have to endure this mass-market bullshit. Or do we?

Enter the new breed. Earlier this year, Trans-Dermal Technology (TDT), founded by Ben Coomber, released a few products which don’t have hundreds of thousands of pounds of marketing behind them. What they have done, is formulated ground-breaking products that actually work, so there is absolutely no need to make ludicrous claims.

Pre-WorkoutPerformance Spray

Performance Spray for us is our most exciting product, it was conceived, invented and developed here at TDT from scratch and research tested at Manchester Metropolitan University to prove that it works as the theory suggests. 4-6 sprays between the hands and we can banish slow working, sugar and chemical laden oral drinks for performance enhancement.

RecoveryRecovery Spray

Recovery Spray combines 3 research proven recovery agents and delivers them straight to the muscle tissue directly after training. This blend of magnesium, zinc and niacin is suspended in a blend of essential oils and rubbed straight on your muscles post training, combined with vasodilating agents the nutrients are delivered to tired muscles within minutes.

In this section I’d normal amble along and give you some background on TDT as a company. The last thing I want to be though, is predictable. Plus, it’s a hell of an opportunity to cross-promote another piece on the blog. Perhaps 7 years working in sales has started to pay off…or perhaps I’ve become lackadaisical in my writing and am happy to let other people do the talking? I’d say it’s the former, mainly because it’s 9pm on a Thursday and I’ve used the word lackadaisical. Anyway…over to Ben:

“Every sports supplement try’s to make a bold claim about its products effectiveness or use. We are straight to the point, it’s for a certain sample of the population, people that are into increasing their performance and recovery in exercise. Both products are also research proven. There are not many other sports supplement companies putting their products through rigorous testing off their own back. I have spent a lot of money just to prove that my product does what it aims to do and that we can make claims on what it does do. In a market full of promises and claims I think that is what will make us stand out, and the fact we are doing something totally unique, applying sports supplements to the skin.”

(Plug warning) Check out my full interview with Ben.

Today I’m going to be reviewing Performance Spray. The first point I’ll make about this is that the first time I used it, I didn’t notice any improvement in energy levels or performance. This was nothing to do with the product. This was down to my caffeine consumption. Now, compared to a lot of people, especially those working in an office environment, I don’t consume that much caffeine. I did however, have two coffees that day – it must have been a stinker.

You’ll get the most out of Performance Spray if you reduce your caffeine intake. My advice would be to take a few days off it altogether, and let your caffeine levels naturally reduce. If you just like the taste of coffee like I do, head for the decaff organic.

The second use was much different. Having ditched caffeine for a total of 11 days – after a few days you really don’t miss it – Performance Spray really delivered. I didn’t get a sudden rush or surge of energy. What I did notice, was the change in my concentration. I felt switched on, alert (not jittery), and ready to get lifting. When you’re about to embark on German Volume Training with some compound lifts thrown in, this is exactly what you need, unlike some supplements which seem to think that heavy lifting and mad dashes to the toilet go hand-in-hand.

Test number 3 was on the sports field – the football (soccer for anyone reading across the pond) pitch to be more precise. Again, with no other caffeine in my system, I applied a total of 8 sprays around 10 minutes prior to kick off. The alertness and concentration were evident yet again, as long as the extra boost of energy needed to play 90 minutes on the wing, and for someone that normally plays defensive midfield, that’s a lot of extra energy.


On neither occasion did I experience a caffeine-crash post-exercise. More importantly, it didn’t keep me wired until 3am wondering when my heart rate was going to slow down.

Overall, Performance Spray is a great product. In fact, I’d say it’s a game changer. Having used countless pre-workout supplements in the past, Performance Spray has changed the way I approach my training and supplementation, and has become a staple for those sessions, matches or work days where I want to gain the edge.

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