| Have Your Cake & Eat It Too |


Whether you’re a reformed chubster (guilty), or just have a sweet tooth, there’s a piglet inside all of us screaming their little heart out. So imagine the excitement when my not-so chubby little hands landed me on the website of The Protein Bakery. I love protein, and I love cake, so an excitement quiver was perfectly justifiable.

The concept of The Protein Bakery is all about balanceIn small batches, they produce some quite spectacular cookies, brownies and blondies, and they’re all packed with protein, which of course keeps you feeling fuller for longer, something that traditional treats just don’t do. We’ve all seen people in the office reach for a few cookies at 10am, only to be reaching for a few more just an hour later. Don’t worry though, they balance it out with a panini and a DIET coke at lunch…


More good news comes from some of their other ingredients. High in dietary fibre, gluten free and trans-fat free, they combine other nutritionally beneficial ingredients such as oats, coconut and cocoa.


 Top: Black and White Blondie | Bottom: Walnut Brownie

Now for the not-so-hot news. Each of the products has quite a high sugar content, and unfortunately, it’s from refined brown sugar, something which most of us try and keep to a minimum. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not telling you to avoid these products like the plague, but have them as a treat, and maybe just half a one a time if you’re really watching your sugar intake. To give you an idea, I had half a Walnut Brownie today after I’d pushed myself at the gym, and had my post workout meal.

Unless you’re a stage competitor or cover model there’s not such a necessity to fret about everything you eat. Just make sure you continue to have a nutrient dense and balanced diet and lifestyle overall. Life’s too short.


 Half a Walnut Brownie | Try heating it and serving with some Greek yoghurt

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