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On a day when I’ve been busy on Twitter ranting about Weetabix On The Go, I’m writing this piece with a smile on my face, as it’s for some GENUINELY healthy products. Just in case you’ve not seen WOTG (that’s me being cool, rocking out an acronym), it’s a ready to drink product from W (okay maybe that one doesn’t work) Weetabix, aimed at people on the go, and children. It’s essentially bottled sugar and additives. Yummy.

Anyway, like I said, I’m happy now. Today I’m reviewing some products that the lovely people at the CHI Coconut Company sent through to me. In case you’ve not guessed, CHI produce 100% natural coconut products. Their range includes coconut water (both plain and flavoured), coconut milk, and 100% raw organic virgin coconut oil. Check out their story.

photo 1My collection of goodies.

Coconut water is now a regular feature in the fridges of most supermarkets, and has gone all mainstream on us after taking the leap from only being available from local health food shops and from that super cool guy at the end of your hot yoga class. So with it being so widely available, some of you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. With that in mind…

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

  • Strengthens the immune system – it’s rich in lauric acid, which has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that contribute towards your body’s health system.
  • Replenishes hydration levels – I’m sure you’ve all heard about this one. Packed full of electrolytes, it can help replenish body salts and liquids, so it’s great pre, intra or post-workout…or if you’ve had a sherry or two the night before (do people even drink sherry any more? Not sure why I thought of sherry but it just popped into my head. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “I drank way too much sherry last night.” I digress…)
  • Aids metabolism – the natural ingredients of coconut water can help to control blood sugar and trigger faster metabolism.
  • Cleanses the urinary tract and eliminates intestinal parasites – I’ll be as quick as I can on this one. Being a natural diuretic, it can help to regulate the flow of urination. More time urinating = lower chance of urinary tract infection. Lovely stuff.
  • Substitutes human blood plasma – ok, not even I knew this one. You learn something new everyday! This dates back to the Second World War when medical supplies were scarce. It’s isotonic to human blood and the level of electrolytes make it acceptable for plasma transfusions. Probably wouldn’t try this one at home. The NHS can be alright sometimes.

Take that, WOTG.

CHI have 4 great flavours available: Pure Coconut Water (Original), Coconut Water and Mango, Coconut Water and Pineapple, and finally Coconut Water and Tropical Fruits. I treated myself to one of these each day after the gym, and they all taste AMAZING straight out of the fridge. Personally, I love the taste of coconut water on it’s own, but I appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste. The flavoured offerings from CHI however, won’t let you down. The flavours aren’t overpowering, nor are they just hiding in the background like the kid at school in your presentation group who clearly didn’t do any work. It’s a great blend of coconut, and fruit. A winning combo, like Tango and Cash, only better, and not a pair of police detectives.

imagesGood, but not as good as coconut water.

Onto the coconut milks now, which are available in two indulgent-tasting flavours: Chocolate, and Natural Espresso. The coconut milks are made using the highest quality coconut cream, and blended with either finest cocoa, or coffee. The fact that coconut milk is of course dairy free, will score a big plus with many people. One cup of coconut milk contains protein, fibre, vitamins B, C and E, and is a great source of potassium, selenium, calcium and iron. Finally, it’s a top source of fat. Don’t worry, not the Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Pizza type fat (can you believe that was actually a thing?!) It’s a rich source of GOOD fats. The Chocolate Coconut Milk was a bit of nostalgia for me, although certainly not as sweet or as crammed full of sugar as the gallons of Nesquik I drank as a child.

The Natural Espresso Coconut Milk is something I took to the next level. After finishing at the gym, I cycled home in the wind and rain and had a real craving for porridge. The thing was, I had none of my Koko-Dairy Free milk left…you can see where this is going. So, I improvised, and hey presto, a porridge beautifully infused with coconut and coffee was born. I added some desiccated coconut and grated some raw cacao butter in there too. You HAVE to try it.

images (1)Mmmm…Espresso porridge…

Finally, a quick word on the Coconut Oil. I’m a huge coconut oil fan, and regularly use it for cooking, baking and in my morning coffee. The CHI coconut oil was packed full of flavour, and worked just as well as any other organic virgin coconut oil I’ve had. It’s well worth a go. It’s worth remembering that organic virgin coconut oil is never heated. It’s raw, unrefined and unbleached, so it retains all the health benefits. I urge you not to be duped into buying that cheap and nasty KTC coconut oil, as it doesn’t possess anywhere near the same level of nutritional benefits. Give CHI a go.

In summary, I was really impressed with the quality, taste and all-natural approach taken by CHI, and I’ll certainly be keeping my stocks up…especially for that oh-so-special porridge recipe. Just think how awesome it’d be with the chocolate milk…!

photo 4

HUGE thanks to Ines at CHI for sending me the samples and plenty of information!

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