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Sometimes I wonder how my life got me to this stage. I love writing this blog, and interacting with the fitness community, however I’m about to embark on a review…for…erm…oxygen.

I won’t lie, I was sceptical when I first heard about Booost. It’s hard not to be isn’t it? It’s oxygen in a can for crying out loud. Some of my scepticism started to disappear once I’d seen that elite athletes such as UK Strongman Eddie Hall, and Triathlete Mark Buckingham were advocates of canned oxygen. Any lingering doubts I had disappeared once I personally put it to the test, which you can find below.

side-can (1)

Let’s start off with the fun, science-y bit. Now, believe it or not, I’m no scientitionist. In fact, I think Professor Weeto would be more credible discussing the science than I ever could be. With that in mind, I’ll let the chaps at Booost do the hard work and explain the brains behind the brilliance:

The Science

The average improvement to exercise from increased oxygen intake recorded across 22 studies was +18.7%. This was the finding of ‘Astorino and Robergs’ review paper in 2003. They reviewed studies from 1923 to 2001 and found that the improvement in performance ranged from +1% to +57% and the average was +18.7% – Read the full report. The studies gave the test subjects an increased amount of oxygen, known as hyperoxia, and it is this state – hyperoxia, that portable oxygen aims to replicate.



Nice and straight forward these…

  1. Take your can and remove the lid.
  2. Place it very close to your mouth with a finger on the piston.
  3. Press and inhale deeply for 2 seconds
  4. Repeat – Between 3 and 5 shots works best to get oxygen into your bloodstream.

Use Booost before a session, during one, if you feel you’re about to hit the wall, and afterwards for recovery.

Field Test 1 – Hill Sprints

I took myself off to a muddy field with a steep hill (the field contained a steep hill, I didn’t go to the field accompanied by a steep hill – I realise that could be interpreted in two ways. I’ve also realised that had I just rewritten that sentence in the first place, I wouldn’t be explaining myself right now, but I’m in too far) to embark on one my least favourite training sessions.

If like me, you’re regular hill sprintist (genuine profession), you probably find that the first few sprints are fairly straightforward…but still not exactly fun. However as you get to sets 6 and above, it gets a hell of a lot harder. I used 4 sprays of Booost after between sets 8 and 9, and, although still finding the final two sets particularly tough, I certainly noticed a reduction in recovery time and shortness of breath.

Field Test 2 – Box Jumps

Field Test 2 took me out of the field and into the gym. I’m a massive fan of whole body circuit training. My circuits tend to focus on compound lifts, with some explosive movements such as burpees and/or box jumps thrown in for good measure. When performing circuits, I much prefer to focus on time rather than number of reps. For this test, each set was 40 seconds long. While 40 seconds doesn’t sounds like a particularly long time, but believe me, when you’re box-jumping, it’s like a bloody eternity. I used Booost with about 10 seconds remaining, as I’d well and truly hit my box-jumping wall, and felt that it did help get me through those oh so painful final seconds.

The Verdict

Overall I’d say this is a good product with solid-science behind it. The important thing to remember is that you really need to be training hard enough to feel the benefits of Booost to get you through the wall. I’m sure I probably don’t train hard enough all the time, so whether this becomes a training staple for me remains to be seen, but I’d certainly recommend you giving it a go.  Plus there’s a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose! My one criticism of the product I sampled, is that the Super Tank size will take up a fair bit of room in your gym bag, and it’s a fair old unit to have on you during training. However, just opt for the Travel Tank size and hey presto, problem solved.


Massive thanks to Tom, Mike and the team at Booost for providing me with the sample!

Have you tried Booost? I’d be interested in hearing your experiences below. 

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