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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let out a little excitement quiver when I got an email reply from Ben Coomber, albeit a significantly less camp quiver than the one I just linked. That’s right, it was a manly excitement quiver. I’m telling you, it’s possible.

Ben is someone who I’ve been following for quite a while. Following on Twitter that is, not just about town, I’ve not done that for months. So I’ve been really looking forward to writing this piece, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. If you’re looking for a great source of nutrition, health, training and lifestyle advice, then I don’t think there’s a better place to start.


I first stumbled across Ben’s work in podcast form, just over a year ago. I was updating my iPod to keep me entertained during some long distance bike rides and noticed a new podcast sneaking up the charts, Ben Coomber Radio. If truth be told I only listened to one podcast when I was out on my bike. Don’t get me wrong, the content was, and still is, AWESOME, but the ability to learn and ride along busy roads at the same time is something that my fragile brain couldn’t handle. That one time was, however, enough to get me hooked.

After eating my post-ride meal – which at the time probably consisted of whole grain pasta, jarred Bolognese sauce and some cut-price meat, and probably something sugary as surely my body needed loads of refined sugar – I swiftly downloaded the back-catalogue of his podcasts. I honestly couldn’t tell you how much they’ve taught me. If you put me on the spot and asked me to quantify it, the most precise I could be is ‘loads’. That’s the technical term. Oh yeah, and they’re totally FREE too.

Alongside the podcasts and busy Twitter feed, Ben’s YouTube channel, Ben Coomber TV, has got some great stuff on there too. From videos about what to keep in your fridge, what the best sources of fat are, to the now infamous Herbalife series of videos, there’s fun for all the family. Alright, maybe not all the family, but just go and watch the damn things will you?!

Just in case the podcasts and videos aren’t enough, Ben also runs nutrition seminars around the UK, and now overseas too. After a successful stint in Australia with Phil Learney (another legend) running fat loss and hypertrophy seminars, the next session has been booked in for Dubai. The man gets around – in a good, proactive and positive way, not in a sexual deviant kind of way.

1901963_616758891736038_1192614359_nOther side of the world, still Gun Friday

At this point, I bet you’re thinking “Yeah that’s quite a lot of stuff, he seems like a bit of a hero”, and you’d be right. But you guessed it, there’s more…a lot more. So, rather than listen to me ramble on, who better to explain it than the man himself…


For those people that have had their head in the sand and don’t know who you are, a quick word on the man that is Ben Coomber…

I am a performance nutritionist and coach, but spend less of my days coaching and more teaching and managing now, which I love, keeping things spicy! I have a long background in performance nutrition coaching and thus have developed many systems and ways of thinking when it comes to nutrition, which I teach to personal trainers and geeks in large seminars and online in my Body Type Nutrition Academy. Body Type Nutrition also has 7 coaches, and fast expanding, so that takes some managing, as well as a new technology company in sports nutrition called Transdermal Technology (TDT), and a slimming club rival also recently launched Ditch the Diet.

2013 was a big year for you. What’s on the agenda to make 2014 even BIGGER?

Indeed, every year gets bigger, why not! In terms of stepping it up I am taking my seminars international, as I write this interview I am on the plane home from Australia after completing a two day seminar for personal trainers in Sydney and Melbourne, later in the year I am off to Dubai, and have plans for New Zealand and somewhere in Asia in the pipeline.

In the UK I will then be again attending Body Power Expo after touring London, Newcastle and Dublin with Layne Norton and SFN Expo later in the year.

Body Type Nutrition will then launch it’s 2nd Academy intake of the year teaching over 200 students this year, Ditch the Diet will grow to have 100 coaches, I will finish off a few ebooks I have in the pipeline as well as some other big projects that are coming to a boil, oh and the launch of the new bencoomber.com site which I am very excited about.

Let’s talk TDT. Like a lot of people, I’ve spanked a lot of money on supplements, especially for pre-workout, what makes TDT stand out from the crowd?

Haven’t we all, me included. I think it will stand out as it’s an honest product. Every sports supplement try’s to make a bold claim about its products effectiveness or use. We are straight to the point, it’s for a certain sample of the population, people that are into increasing their performance and recovery in exercise. Both products are also research proven. There are not many other sports supplement companies putting their products through rigorous testing off their own back. I have spent a lot of money just to prove that my product does what it aims to do and that we can make claims on what it does do. In a market full of promises and claims I think that is what will make us stand out, and the fact we are doing something totally unique, applying sports supplements to the skin.


A quick word on nutrition and your experience in dealing with clients. Obviously everyone is different, and just because one thing works for person A, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for person B, but if someone is looking to improve their body composition from a fat loss perspective, is there a common factor that you notice people are getting wrong with their diet?

Indeed we are all unique little snowflakes, but for sure there are a few things most are getting wrong still. I will list them for ease of reading:

1. People are still scared of fat, it’s nothing to be scared of, in fact its super important. Make 25-40% of your diet fat.

2. Consistent protein feedings, get this right and you are on to a winner, and this includes a serving at breakfast.

3. Being properly hydrated, this affects everything. Aim for 2-3 litres of water a day.

4. Not sleeping enough, and at the right time. We all get caught out, but plan for the perfect nights sleep, in bed for 10.30pm.

5. Work hard in training, too many people think they are working hard, get someone to push you, then you will start to feel the burn that elicits fast fat loss.

Alex Ferentinos has a great mantra in “Train, Eat, Sleep.” Snoop Dogg’s is a less impressive “Smoke weed everyday.” – If you have a mantra, care to share it with the class?

For most people with food its “Just eat real food”.

On a personal level I have a mantra which changes as my focus changes. This year it’s ‘there is always tomorrow’. I am a very driven and focused person, and in the past have pushed myself, which is great as it has got me to where I am today, but now as I claw back some work life balance I am routinely saying to myself when there is the ever evolving to do list ‘there is always tomorrow’.


I can eat nut butters with the best of them, and have been known to get through 1kg of peanut butter in week (my girlfriend doesn’t find it as impressive as I do), but what would say is your achilles heel?

Oooo, the only thing that really gets me is dark chocolate and red wine, love the stuff. But I will be honest in that I don’t have to stop myself from eating something even if I love it. I have created a lot of self discipline in myself and unlike others don’t take excitement or comfort in food. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t love food, I do, I am a massive foodie, but I am not someone that lacks self control or moderation with what is needed to be done to maintain a healthy physique.

I apologise in advance for this. I’m going to put you in a situation which is a hell of a lot worse than a nuclear holocaust:

The Government have decided that all real food is obsolete, and that from tomorrow all food will be replaced with Herbalife shakes, because they’re so incredibly nutritious, good for you, support an active lifestyle, not full of soya, not full of oil, and definitely isn’t a pyramid scheme. To compensate, David Cameron and the lads have said that everyone can have one final meal…what’s yours?

Ouch, a Herbalife question, where’s my shotgun?!

Final meal, you are going to think I am boring, here it is:

Starter: Duck pancakes.

Main: My girlfriends mum’s chicken, bacon, sausage and stuffing roast dinner.

Dessert: Not usually a fan of desserts, but seeing as it’s my last supper I’ll shoot for some apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.


I want to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to Ben for taking the time out to feature on today’s blog.

If you want to keep up to date with what he’s up to, there’s no need to follow him around town, just use these links:

Official Website



Ben Coomber TV

Ben Coomber Radio

Body Type Nutrition

Transdermal Technology

Ditch the Diet

Please post any questions or comments you have for Ben (or me!), in the box below and I’ll forward them on.

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