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    “a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it.”

We’ve all done it at some point. Picked up a copy of Men’s (or Women’s) Health or seen a big shiny advert online for a supplement, with a photo of a ripped guy or girl and thought “WOW! If I buy and use this, I’ll look just like them. I’d be stupid not to buy it.” Product arrives, you use it for a month and BANG…absolutely nothing has changed. Probably because you’ve not changed your diet, training or lifestyle in the meantime. Money well spent, right? It’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re starting out, and one we often make more than once. I say “we” more in hope than anything else.

“I hope I get his tan”

Around 18 months ago I started to work with an online trainer named Luke Johnson. While I could write for days praising this man and how he helped me change my outlook on nutrition and training (as well as my physique), that’s not what this post is about so I’ll save it for another time. Oh yeah, Luke – I’m going to feature you on here, probably best I give you a heads up!

When Luke put together my plan, he recommended supplements from Optimus Protein. I’ll be brutally honest, I’d never heard of them. Why? Because I’m an idiot? Partially, yes. Yes I am. But partly because Optimus don’t have a HUGE marketing spend and don’t run adverts with insane, attention-grabbing claims, or with those ripped dudes across double-page spreads in fitness magazines such as Beefcake, Gun Yo’ Lats, or Weights Illustrated – note that some of these magazines may not actually exist.

Not quite as good as Beefcake, but still a bloody good read.

I’d finally found a brand which was straight-talking, honest, and represented excellent value for money. So, with my first order placed, I sat back and planned to wait for a few days for my delivery to arrive. My sitting back lasted under 24 hours, as the next day my order had arrived. Service much? The quality of their products didn’t let me down either. You only have to read the ingredients lists and nutritional profiles to establish that. The taste of their protein is pretty awesome too!

With the colossal choice of brands out there, it can be an industry where loyalty is rare and customer retention is tough. 18 months down the line and I’m still a monthly Optimus Protein customer, or veteran, if you will. Actually no, let’s just say customer, it sounds better and doesn’t make me sound as old.

photo (1)
My stack: Creatine Monohydrate, Whey Isolate and Opti Oats

I wanted to get an insight into the Optimus Protein business and the man behind it, so I sent them an email shamelessly plugging my blog. Given how amazing they are at customer service, I shouldn’t have been surprised to have received a reply just a few hours later.

Enter Simon Worsley, founder of Optimus Protein. Simon was kind enough to do some Q&A with me, so the transcript’s below. The summary is essentially that this man is a legend, a pioneer, and is bucking the trend in the industry (don’t you love it when the title of the film you’re watching, or the book or blog you’re reading casually drops the title into a sentence? Yep, me too). Anyway….enjoy!

Who is Simon Worsley?

I started out life as a professional and semi professional rugby union player, combining that with a career in production and manufacturing. Training and sport in general has been a massive part of who I am ever since I can remember. Nutrition and supplementation went hand in hand with my rugby career. As I studied more about training and nutrition in order to enhance my sporting performance on the rugby field, I got the opportunity to work at one of the UK’s fastest growing Sports Nutrition companies, My Protein. Whilst there I was in charge of the production of all MP products as they expanded and branched out into Europe.

In such a competitive industry, what was it that made you take the leap to start Optimus Protein?

I started Optimus Protein because in my experience of buying sports supplements in particular, there wasn’t a company that provided the personal approach. I wanted OP to be a company that people felt part of, not just a large organisation who took your money. I am the MD of Optimus Protein, yet I can be found answering the phones, replying to customer emails, etc because I want to interact with my customers. Without you guys there would be no Optimus Protein.

When I started Optimus Protein, I had three very simple aims and they are still embedded within the company ethos 2 years later. They were to give people a good quality product, at an affordable price with a great service. Very simple.

For you, what makes Optimus stand out from the crowd?

What makes us stand out from the crowd…simply put quality, price, service and trust.

Optimus Protein doesn’t have large marketing budgets, we don’t have fancy packaging, we can’t sponsor every athlete in the UK or have TV adverts running, but what we can do is promise to give you the best quality products we can and deliver them on time. If we can advise you as well on the way then great.
You will never see our products beaten on price (not by a lot anyway!) because there is no need to be greedy. I have personally sourced all of the ingredients myself so I know that we are giving you the best we can to help you on your way to achieve your goal.

Me and my team are passionate about training and nutrition. All of us put our own products into our own bodies. If we didn’t believe in what we did then what’s the point?

We are a very transparent company. If you want to know something then ask.

Our personal approach makes us stand out. We value every one of our customers because after all you have spent your hard earned money with us so you have a right to have our attention if you have a comment, query or problem.

What do you hope to achieve with Optimus over the next few years?

There is still a lot to achieve in the next few years. The first thing we want to do is to expand our product range. I am always on the look out for new and exciting products. That is never ending!
We will be exhibiting again at Body Power in May 2014 and after that maybe a push into Europe…who knows!

What 3 things couldn’t you live without?

Easiest question of all…my family, food, trainers!

My wife and children are the driving force behind me.

Secondly, there is no way I could live without food…I love food!! That’s why I couldn’t live without my trainers in order to exercise! I would be 18st otherwise!

I train 5 times a week and I really struggle if I can’t train. It relaxes me and allows me time to think.


I’d like to say a huge thanks to Simon for taking the time to speak with me, it’s refreshing to deal with someone so honest and down to earth.

Follow Optimus Protein on Twitter here


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